How To Elevate Your Outdoor Space Using Cinderblocks, Paint, and Old Furniture


There’s no need to spend money on new furniture. With a little creativity you can transform your outdoor spot into a place you want to hang out all summer. Using objects that might be lying around your home (or are super easy and cheap to acquire), it’s possible to avoid spending a ton of money on updating your space.
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Is It Worth It To Repair Old Wooden Chairs?

chairsNothing Lasts Forever
We’ve all been there: our grandmother or great aunt leaves us a set of older wooden chairs, or we see them at a garage sale and just have to have them! But once you have them, what do you do with them? Now that spring appears to be sticking around, any small home improvement projects that you’re thinking of starting on your old wooden chairs should be first on your list! Now is the time to get out the primer, screwdrivers and paint brushes and give your old wooden chairs some TLC!

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The Leather Furniture Repair Dilemma

leather furniture repair

We all know that leather is the best buy for your money when you’re considering new furniture. Leather may cost more, but it always lasts longer than cheap synthetic fabrics and acrylic materials. But what do you do when your beloved leather furniture becomes damaged or cracked?
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The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Projects

DIY dos and don'ts

Spring Is Just Around The Corner
Remember warm weather, when there wasn’t snow on the ground? Soon, the snow will be melting and we’ll finally be out of this awful winter. With spring comes home improvement projects and fun DIY activities. You’ve survived the cold and misery; now is the time to celebrate! Don’t forget to give your home and furniture a little makeover too. Continue reading